Alsadig Abdurrahman Hamid Abdurrahman

Advocate / Alsadig Abdurrahman Hamid Abdurrahman

  • Lawyer of the Supreme Court, Sultanate of Oman.
  • 20 years of experience in the field of judiciary, Republic of Sudan.
  • Worked as a judge in several judiciary instruments in number of Sudani states such as Khartoum, West Darfur and Northern state. He had diversified in handling different litigations from civil, legislative, criminal, insurance and traffic cases.
  • Certified in managing advanced investigation and anti-drugs cases from Nife Security Academy, Saudi Arabia in 2001.


  • Preparing notes; petitions; pleading; preparing defense for cases and present before experts in the fields of civil; penal; labour; commercial and investment law.
  • Offering fatwa and different legal consultancy in writing and/or verbally for companies and answering their queries.
  • Preparing; formulating; studying and reviewing contracts.
  • Offering opinion; legal fatwa and representing clients in the councils and arbitration bodies, carrying financial, administrative and labour investigations.
  • Member of qualitative committees and legal formulation; participating in constructing laws, regulations and decision projects.

Advising banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

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